Creative Brief:
A new brand for a new family-run business... Rocky Ridge Greenhouses is a greenhouse startup just outside of Waterton National Park in Alberta, Canada. The owner was looking for a logo that showcased plants, friendliness, and gave a nod to the location.

A mountain scene hidden within the silhouette of a leaf and typography that feels 'cozy' create this inviting image that feels like it has been around for a while.
Mount Bertha is a recognizable landmark not too far from the green house's front door. It represents a connection to nature and is well- know to the locals who make up the clientele of Rocky Ridge. 
Green and gray colors reinforce the connection this company has with nature and growing.

Working with one individual streamlines the process significantly. 
After an initial briefing on the business, three concepts were presented. The owner picked one he was most excited about and shared feedback. Refinement and digitizing took place, a brand guide was developed, and some assets were created to support the new brand.
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