Creative Brief:
Mountain View School (MVS) is a small, rural K-9 school nestled up against the Rocky Mountains. They pride themselves in connection to and education through the outdoors. Never having a formal logo, they were looking for something to represent their uniqueness and focus on the care of students. The grizzly bear has long-time been the mascot for Mountain View.
Not only was MVS looking for a school logo, they were also interested in a development of their own mascot imagery to support their athletic programming.
A grizzly bear mother with cubs in the negative space below hints to the nurturing nature of MVS' education and programming. Hand written font presents warmth and an 'outdoorsy,' cabin-like feel. Colors reflect school-assigned colors that have been used by the school for years; however, some alternative color options were provided for versatility in assets down the road.
A mascot was created with a sporty, edgier feel from the logo, something students would get excited about wearing.
Numerous supporting assets such as stationary and apparel were created to support the new brand's rollout.
Collaboration happened with two members of administration and two other school employees. Initial sketches were shared to hone in on direction. Feedback and insight from the committee was crucial to dial things in along the way. Final directions were refined and presented to staff. Students were also surveyed before a plan for implementation was made and supporting design assets built.

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